Tennis Team Coasts to Countys


Tennis ball lying on tennis court

Sophie Swart, Staff Writer

Spring has sprung and with it marks the return of spring sports including Tennis and Lacrosse. This year, Eleanor Roosevelt´s Tennis Team consists of around 40 players spanning all grades. So far, the team has won all their games and recently beat the school’s rival, Bowie High School.


When asked about his favorite memory of the season so far, senior Kiran Lutchman, reflects on how exciting it was to play his first match against Duval on March 22. He recalls “being nervous” but throughout the game “gaining more confidence in [his] abilities.” Lutchman and his partner Omar Abuhashish went on to win that game and haven’t lost since. His only complaint was that games are inconsistent. He went on to say that “some people have played 10-12 games whereas Omar and I have only played 5.” Certain schools in the county are not able to field full squads with priority going to boys and girls singles.


Sophomore Hannah Janzen is Roosevelt’s #1 girl’s singles player and she expressed that playing with the team is “really fun” as “everyone is so supportive of each other.” Her favorite memory thus far was playing against Bowie as she emphasized that “the matches were probably the most difficult of the season” which made winning “really rewarding and a great accomplishment on everybody’s behalf.”


Our tennis team has been incredibly successful so far and looks to add to this success on Wednesday when they take on Laurel High School for the County Championship.