The Return Of Prom Preparations


The daily gazette

Candles spelling out the word “prom”

Christopher Williams, staff writer

Prom is a critical event for many students since it allows them to dance, socialize, and spend time with their peers and potentially a date. It is quite common for only upperclassmen to attend as it is their last dance as high schoolers. 

It is often tradition that the prom should hold a theme. At Eleanor Roosevelt, the theme is “Met Gala”, where the students would attend in formal wear or wear something that falls under the theme and take part in activities related to said dance. 

From the 2019-20 SY and 2020-21 SY, there was no sign of a prom being given to the students because of the sudden pandemic. Due to the high cases of COVID-19 during the peak of the pandemic, they did not grant the previous seniors an opportunity to have their own prom. Comparing the last few years dealing with COVID-19 to now, the cases have dropped significantly; granting us students the chance to have a prom before the seniors have their graduation. This year, to be granted entry for prom, there would have to be proof of a COVID-19 home test being taken regardless of the person’s vaccination status. There would be home tests provided during the senior’s last day, May 13, 2022.

As prom approaches, we can notice that people are planning to get their outfits ready for this night to remember and they are gaining the courage to ask out their date of choice. The students are on the hunt for the perfect attire for this night to remember.

Many students have opted out of the idea of attending prom. Senior Kareem Adesada states “I think some aren’t [attending] because they don’t view it as a big deal or they can’t afford the ticket cost.” which could be the possible reasons people aren’t attending; as the ticket price for prom has increased as the months pass. Senior Damonte Whitlow says “Prom is actually one of the few school events that I enjoy, so I’m going.”

There was an attempt for a large promposal to be held in the senior caves, led by Senior Izunna. It had gained several students’ attention as they glanced from the top, looking down during April 20, 2022. It was shut down by the security and everyone was told to urgently return back to class. Mr. Taylor states that “Promposals are not allowed during the school day. They are all scheduled for 3:20pm but some students did not follow the rules.” which students should follow if they wish to undergo their promposal. “Promposals should not interrupt instruction during the school day.” said Taylor.

There have been promposals that occurred, which follow the guidelines that were given to the students. As the school year for the students comes to an end, we hope to see more and more students ask one another through promposals as it is a nice sight.