An Open Letter of Support to ERHS Students

February, 2022 

Dear fellow peers, 

Just like you, I know how difficult it has been for us during these times. Due to Covid, a lot of things were changed and still are currently changing. Our high school expectations were nothing like this. Our plans and that we looked forward to have been affected drastically. But, despite these troubles, many still strive to do their best and persevere. 

I want to thank all of you for continuing on and working hard. You may not know it, but your efforts affect others around you as well. Seeing someone striving for greatness, especially now, will make others emulate their actions. You bring up the spirits of those around you through the actions you take, even if you do not even intend to do so in the first place. Having individuals around me whom I know are working hard day after day to achieve their goals pushes me to do better and it generally makes school more enjoyable. 

It is very hard for students during these times to actually learn and not just take in the knowledge and forget about it. After all, the teachers have also been heavily impacted by Covid. Procrastination, being overwhelmed with information and changes, stress, and the lack of motivation are just a few things that many of us may be facing. It is incredible that many can excel in their classes and apply their knowledge to what they do. 

We’re faced with many challenges at the moment that can hinder us in our journey towards academic excellence and unfortunately, it does not seem that those challenges will lighten up. However, I have hope that everyone will be able to persevere. From what I have seen, I am confident that we will be able to find a way to come out of this pandemic thriving and better students than before. We will all be able to make it through. Thank you for the work you have done so far and I hope that you all will continue to work to the best of your abilities and find a way to get through all of this. 


Cyrill Fredrich Moreno 

Class of 2024