ERHS Students and Teachers Adjust to In-Person Learning and Transportation Logistics


Jehan Idsassi

During the past year and a half, students and teachers have had to face the obstacle of remote learning, which has been a large challenge for many due to its large isolation status. Furthermore, this has caused many transportation issues. And although much of the staff here at Eleanor Roosevelt High School is beyond thrilled to welcome their students back after almost two years of remote and hybrid learning, many teachers and students have mixed emotions. After a school wide survey was sent out, senior Maha Idsassi stated ¨I am really enjoying in-person learning, although it is definitely more stressful than remote learning.¨ However, a teacher who chose to remain anonymous exclaimed ¨In-person learning is beyond enjoyable! I am having a wonderful time teaching and interacting with my students in a face to face environment!¨ Thus, many have expressed feelings regarding in-person learning being stressful and, on the other hand, in-person learning being a fantastic experience thus far. 

However, there are many ERHS students who take the bus as their form of transportation and oftentimes can arrive late to school, causing many students to miss class time. Thus, this issue has arised greatly, particularly with the Prince Georges´ County lack of bus drivers. Although, a student who decided to remain anonymous expressed ¨I am always late to class, especially on rainy days; thus, this definitely impacts my perspective and viewpoint on going

back to school during in-person learning. Unfortunately, it makes me not enjoy going back to school as much as I thought I would.¨ But a teacher who decided to remain anonymous stated ¨In-person learning has definitely impacted my transportation aspect regarding school, but overall it’s nothing I can not handle.¨ Therefore, in-person learning has had many ups and downs along the process, but it is only the beginning and ERHS is working in every way, shape, and form to make the school a more comfortable environment for in-person learning!