ERHS Now Allows Students to Use Chromebooks in Class and At Home


A Chromebook.

Christopher Williams, Staff Writer

As students return from distance learning, a new addition to classrooms and the home has been introduced, chromebooks. Since the pandemic has become more serious as the students have progressed into the school year, staff has enforced the rule of giving students chromebooks. 

Starting the first day of school, September 8th, 2021, students received an email from Ms. Goslee about acquiring a Chromebook and the distribution of them. Students were asked to fill out a Google Form, which asked if they needed a Chromebook. The students arrived at the location where they were being distributed with their student ID or a copy of their schedule in hand. If a student had unfortunately missed their opportunity to be supplied with a Chromebook, then they had to schedule an appointment to get one.

During the first week of school, students were given their Chromebooks and chargers to complete their schoolwork at home. As students are entitled to have their own decisions, some bring their own personal laptop. Senior Wilfred Mbayu, Class of 2022 Treasurer, states he “hate[s] Chromebooks because they are slow and very limited.” He still “brings [his] own laptop because [he] can store [his] homework as PDF files and edit them with [his] pen and it makes submission much easier. Being able to use a personal device makes learning much more comfortable.” Many of the classes have added Chromebooks to their lesson plans for students. Senior Johancy Reyes says that his own personal preference is Chromebooks because he “feel[s] that it makes things much more efficient and [Chromebooks] take up way less space, it also helps the environment by reducing paper usage.”

Students that do not have their own laptops gain an advantage from this situation the most. In the near future, Chromebooks could have a chance to remain in the classrooms as they receive positive responses from students and staff. Reyes says he “feel[s] that the new rule has not impacted me at all. It was easy to get accustomed to using the Chromebooks [in the classroom and at home].”

As the students become more comfortable with using their Chromebooks, a question arises, would these become a permanent addition? Senior Emmanuel Michael responds that he “personally wouldn’t mind having Chromebooks be added to [the] curriculum.” He thinks that with these Chromebooks “it could allow [students] to complete more work and it also provides a device for students to use if they’re in an unfortunate position to not be able to afford their own laptop or Chromebook.”

Many students have received a Chromebook from the school as their own form of responsibility. The students now carry the accountability of taking care of their device and bringing it into class, fully charged as well. If the Chromebook becomes damaged or misplaced, the student would have to report it to the Technology Department for a new Chromebook or for their issue to be fixed.

In general, students and staff have shown positive feedback towards the new addition of classrooms and home technology.