Homecoming Court Candidates Weigh in on Running


Juniors Azinwi McKinney and Ariana Phillips. Photo courtesy of Kaliyah Scott

Munyu Njoya and Brooke Sharp

Homecoming court is one of the many traditional aspects of the high school experience. Those who run have to promote their candidacy to their class and their peers and other students vote for who they think should represent them. Helping to reconnect the Eleanor Roosevelt community, it’s especially important now more than ever to get students more involved. Often seen as a “popularity contest”, homecoming court is more than just a surface-level tradition. 

After talking to a few of the candidates who ran, here is what they had to say:

Ariana Phillips, homecoming Prince says, it all started as a joke and “[she] wasn’t serious” but a lot of people encouraged her and were being supportive so she decided to run. She felt great and excited to have won. If she didn’t win she was hoping for Cameroon Taylor to win, adding “he was cool about it, like other people running were mad that I was running and that I won but he handled it a lot better and I respect that”. 

Ariana Phillips, Homecoming Prince

Sophomore Giulia Blough and homecoming Duchess say she ran because it was a good opportunity to make high school memories, and have stuff to look back on as she gets older. She is extremely grateful to have won and is thankful to everyone who voted for her. As for running in the future “it depends on where I’m at then” she adds. 

Giulia Blough, Homecoming Duchess

 Mia Maniece, a sophomore who ran for duchess said running, “was a new and fun opportunity to meet new people and have friendly competition.” For sophomores and freshmen, who are new to the high school environment, having the option of running was very worthwhile for many trying to fit in and experience as much as they can. 

Junior Kalani Buggs who won homecoming lord his freshman year says he ran this year to go “back to back”. Although he didn’t win, he accepted his defeat and still plans on running again in the future. 


Kalani Buggs, Homecoming Prince Candidate

Niko Crumpler-Peoples, another junior candidate ran this year because he was encouraged by his peers and family. He was looking forward to wearing the sash, and celebrating at the dance. He was disappointed he didn’t win but not too upset, he was just happy that the school brought back some of the homecoming activities. Apart from himself he would have loved to have Kalani Buggs as Prince and Shealyn Riggs as princess.

Dillon Austin who participated in the voting, voted for his long time friend Camroon Taylor. He says “Cam’s a good dude”, and would have been a great representation for Prince.

Overall homecoming court encourages a little friendly competition, and is a good way to show school spirit. The rest of the 2021 homecoming royalty not mentioned are: Meegane Konchuo and Wilfred Mbayu for the senior class, Azinwi McKinney for the junior class, Mariam Hjej for the sophomore class, Ryan Scott and Jackson Fassler for the freshman class.