Students Face Social Distancing Challenges at School


Jessica and Rewale celebrating class color day.

Audrianna Jones, Staff Writer

Students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) this year state that social distance has been a challenge for them because it’s hard to maintain distance from their fellow students and also hard to  communicate with their peers. 

Sophomore Malaika Kargbo mentioned that “building bonds with others has become more difficult than ever”. She explains she’s in opposition to social distancing due to the way it destroys social and physical interaction”.

Junior Kaliya Young  said something a little bit different.  She comments that her biggest challenge is distance in the hallways. ¨They’re really crowded.  Everyone is touching each other while trying to get to class” ¨ She believes that social distancing is important because it keeps the students from spreading gems faster and says “even with the mask people can still touch different surfaces”.  Students should have kept doing  hybrid learning because it’s safer than being in person.

Sophomores Rewale and Jessica state not being able to be close to friends, such as giving hugs, and the crowded hallways make it difficult to maintain distance from people. They add on saying “social distancing is important because it helps stop the spread of the coronavirus,” but they don’t think the school is taking the proper steps.

The government is now making masking mandatory at schools so it can kill the chances of students spreading the virus or getting it at school. 

Just like at Roosevelt, Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn,  New York is taking the same precautions.  A spokesperson from the Department of Education said that they opened their schools safely this year by repurposing interior space, hiring more staff, changing students’ schedules, using outside space, adding ventilation, and more air purifiers.

Therefore this article is to bring awareness to the staff to show the effects that social distancing has on students. This article can make a difference by just being written and also sharing other students’ insight on the situation. When students and staff read this article it can give them ideas on how ERHS as a community can improve social distance.