Lamarcus Aldridge of the Brooklyn Nets Retiring Mid-season Due to Irregular Heartbeat


Aldridge on the court. Courtesy of Aldridge’s Instagram.

Reco Goodwin

Lamarcus Aldridge was drafted second overall in the 2006 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls.  Aldridge missed the first seven games of his first NBA season due to off-season shoulder surgery, but returned ahead of schedule due in part to an injury to fellow rookie teammate Brandon Roy. Aldridge made an immediate impact on offense, averaging 8.4 points on 54% shooting from the field through his first 14 games. After the loss of starting  in February 2007 to season-ending knee surgery.

Aldridge was awarded the starting center position and improved his scoring to 14.7 points with 8.0 rebounds per game in the month of March. This placed him second in the voting for the Western Conference Rookie of the Month to Roy. On March 31, 2007, in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Lamarcus Aldrige was an all-star Nba player but his health started to catch up with him. Lamarcus Aldrige started having problems with his heart while playing with the Brooklyn Nets in April. “What I felt with my heart that night was still one of the scariest things I’ve experienced”. Larmarcus Aldridge needed to focus on what was best, physical health or playing basketball. Larmarcus Aldrige retired from playing basketball to focus on his physical health. 

The former NBA all star didn’t just retire, he showed people no matter what you’re doing or chasing everyone should focus on their health first. A lot of people can get caught in that mix of thinking that they can just walk it off or just keep playing. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what sport you play your physical health should come first and I believe that’s what Lamarcus Aldrige showed people by just retiring for his physical health. Larmarcus Aldrige will be forever missed in the NBA.