ERHS Clubs Reflect on a Year of COVID-19


Facial masks spelling the year “2021”, arranged in a horizontal position, placed out on a wooden floor. Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Boran

On August 31st, 2020, Eleanor Roosevelt High School welcomed back students virtually, grades 9th – 12th for the school year of  2020 – 2021. Due to the outbreak of COVID -19, all students were to remain at home and attend online schooling virtually, as a health precaution for teachers and students.

As for ERHS extracurricular activities such as clubs, groups, sports, and programs, all extracurriculars were to abide by the same safety precautions as well, causing all clubs, groups, and programs to congregate over a virtual setting, rather than an in-person setting.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School has a combination of clubs, groups, and programs that are welcoming and adequate for all student’s desires and preferences, Such as the Raider Book Club, ERHS Civics Society, L.E.F.T Club (Ladies, Empowerment, Fellowship, Team), TedEd Club, the Red Cross Club, the Creative Writing Club, Journalism Club, Knitting Club, the Christian Club, the LGBTQ+ Club, the Growth Group, our STEM program, and so much more! 

Each of the extracurriculars stated above all has a significant amount of impact on the ERHS community that revolves around students and their heartfelt commitments to being a part of an organization that best suits their felicity. 

The ERHS Civics Society was founded in 2020 by Edward Sun and Raihan Choudhury the two Co-presidents of the Civics Society, along with their sponsor Ms. Gerald. 

Sun mentions that  “The goal of the ERHS Civics Society is to provide a space where students from all sorts of differing religions, races, lifestyles, opinions, etc. can come and have productive and open discussions about issues that affect themselves and others around the world.” The ERHS Civics Society covers the topics of current US politics, the 2020 Presidential election of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and various global events, including the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Co-president Sun reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic awakenings have given the  ERHS Civics Society much more to talk about, in regards to the transition to a virtual setting. Sun believes that the “move to online school and online activities has drained a lot of energy from people.”

“Membership is 100% down across the board and it is something that I have seen in other clubs as well, so I would definitely say that people either don’t feel welcomed or just don’t feel like attending after-school meetings.”

In concerns with COVID-19 having a positive or negative effect on the ERHS Civics Society, Co-president Sun made it clear that it has left a negative effect. 


The L.E.F.T club (Ladies, Empowerment, Fellowship, Team), is an all-girls club where they uplift, encourage, build confidence, and have openly spoken discussions on topics of any kind relating to women advocacy, social awareness, and expressed emotions. 

Cynthia Moneke is Co-founder and Vice President of the L.E.F.T club which was founded in 2020 with the helpful hands of their President Chioma Nkeya, Treasurer Christine Branch, and Secretary Ernestina Atta-Safoh. 

Vice President Moneke states that the L.E.F.T club officers had various in-person plans they intended to accomplish this year, but due to COVID-19 restrictions they had to cancel all events and abide by the same precautions while remaining virtual and social distancing. Moneke believes that “if we had a normal school year, more students would feel comfortable participating and interacting with each other.”

“I definitely feel like COVID-19 had more of a negative impact than a positive one on our club. It’s a lot harder to get people to participate through a virtual meeting, whether they want to share or not.”

With COVID-19 leaving a positive or negative effect on the L.E.F.T club, Vice President Moneke views the coronavirus pandemic as hurting the L.E.F.T community. 

From the lack of participation to the loss of membership, Co-President Sun and Vice President Moneke can undoubtedly say that the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions have all taken a toll on their club and society, resulting in many unfinished plans, cancelations, and loss of productivity.