Student-Athletes On Returning for Spring Sports


Lamon Lyles, Staff Writer

Student-athletes that played a spring sport missed the season last year due to the start of the pandemic. But spring sports are officially back. I’m one of the student-athletes that missed their season last year due to Covid, but now that spring sports are back I will be sharing my experience and my teammate Joseph’s experience with the Spring Season during Covid.


I interviewed Joseph Kline who plays varsity baseball. I asked him how it feels to play baseball right now with the restrictions. He replied that “personally, [he]feels as though it doesn’t bother [him] much.” Adding on, he said that “the masks do restrict breathing in certain weather conditions but besides that it’s still the same sport to me.Regarding what he felt was different about the season,  he said “ the only difference between [his] past and present season is the amount of time quarantine gave [him] to reflect on [himself]as a person, student, and athlete.” He expanded this thought, commenting that “due to the circumstances it has allowed [him] to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually elevated on and off the field.” 


My experience with the spring season so far has been like this, it’s taking me some time to get used to the restrictions and it’s kind of weird wearing the mask at all times while I’m playing. What’s different about this season than any other season is that we have to have the mask on at all times and you have to be spaced out during practice and games. But so far in the season were 2-0 and it seems like Covid restrictions and missing a whole year of baseball only hurt us a little. But in all its nice to finally be back playing baseball with my teammates after missing a whole year of it. And so far the season has been going great and I’m glad that Spring Sports are back.