School Athletes Weigh In On Returning Back to Sports


Image Courtesy of the New York Times

Munyu Njoya and Nya Cash

As the reopening of school is in process sports seasons are also starting back up again. The plan is for students to do conditioning and workouts with social distancing restrictions while following COVID guidelines. There will be indoor and outdoor sessions held depending on the weather. Students are required to wear masks at all times and no touching is allowed. The sports seasons will be commencing as of this week and students are both skeptical and excited to start.

Some of the athletes are questioning whether it is worth returning back to sports. Although it’s good for students to train for their physical activities, some say there is still a risk for the safety of those involved. Developing this topic Cheerleader Salo-phena Ongwe explains “workouts are generally a good thing, but with COVID cases still high it’s hard to really see if it’s worth it especially after being home for so long”. Following COVID guidelines, players are doing all within their power to be safe. “I’m glad that we’re returning to sports but there’s no way to guarantee safety” Soccer player Ariana Philips explains.

As mentioned there are a few skeptics about returning back especially to contact sports. However some athletes are ready to make that change. Following that, Lacrosse player Julia Beckman understands that “it is a change we need to and will adjust to.” On the other hand athletes whose sports do not require much contact are excited to return. Track member Lauren Freeman is looking forward to “working out and becoming fit and healthy.” With or without contact both these athletes understand the need for extra precautions and are willing to take the necessary steps to keep safe.

Most of the athletes are fine with working out through social distancing, but sooner or later it will be game time and they are not too sure they will be able to play to the best of their abilities. A game without physical contact might be the worst possibility of all. “I will not be able to play to the best of my ability and furthermore it won’t be very much of a game” Julia elucidates. Ariana Philips sharing some thoughts along the lines of Julia says “it would be hard to play a contact sport with no contact but I will try, so that everybody can stay safe.”

There’s always concerns about COVID spreading although precautions are being taken, and one can’t help but think of the worst. As Ariana said “ I’m glad that we’re returning to sports but there is no way to guarantee safety”. Especially trying to practice a contact sport with no contact, the athletes are bound to cross paths at some point. So going back and being cautious is the best thing we can do for now until things change.