Student Reactions to Gov. Hogan’s Pressure to Reopen Schools


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Camryn French

On January 21, 2021 in a press conference held in Annapolis, MD, Governor Larry Hogan asked for all school systems in the state of Maryland to begin the transition to hybrid learning by March 1, 2021. Hybrid learning is a model where some students attend the class in-person, while other students attend the same class online simultaneously. In the press conference Gov. Hogan stated that “Every single Maryland student must have at least the opportunity to return to attending school in some form or fashion.” According to state health officials, safe options for returning to school would include the hybrid model with the exception of elementary school students and students with disabilities or special learning needs. Those students are recommended to return to daily in person learning.

ERHS students have mixed feelings about returning to school by the current deadline. Junior Cora Jackson believes that returning to school would be “extremely unsafe and not worth it because it would make teaching so much harder and the environment would be depressing for students.” She adds on to her point by saying “it would mostly harm minorities, and lower income families because they suffer more disproportionately from the virus and are more likely to have little choice in whether they send their kids back to school or not.” Junior Haley Bateman agreed stating that she believes “we are not going to be prepared to go back then.” 

Senior Kayann Straker showed concern in regards to possible asymptomatic students saying that “for all we know we may seem healthy and fine but we could be sick on the inside without any knowledge.” She would rather continue with distance learning to stay safe and avoid the risk. 

Junior Patrick Richards has conflicting feelings about the matter because he believes “it is good for us to stay home for our safety but also we should go back for social health.” He says that he would return to school in the spring, as long as everyone wears their masks correctly. Junior Nia Kamara agrees with Gov. Hogan’s decision because she not only misses going to school but also feels safe knowing that “the vaccine will be available for teachers.” 

Announcements regarding PGCPS’s reopening plans should be announced in the coming weeks. Check back frequently for the Raider Review‘s updated coverage on this evolving issue.