In Photos: Teacher and Student Hobbies During Online School


Kelsey Afoakwa knitting a scarf. Photo courtesy of Kelsey Afoakwa

Ayomiposi Ajayi

Confinement to our homes is not an option for a lot of people. The lack of exploration that some find after being in their homes for more than 10 months is inevitable. Since the beginning of online school, some students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School have found that they do not have a lot of time during the weekdays to partake in different hobbies and activities. However, some of Roosevelt’s teachers feel like they do. With these opposite outlooks, here are some of the ways Roosevelt’s teachers and students are using their free time during online school. 


Teacher Edition


Ms. Abigail Holtz is an English teacher at Roosevelt. As she spends more than nine hours doing school related activities during each day of the week, Ms. Holtz takes care of all her new house plants, cooks good meals, and tries to use the home gym she built over the summer. During the weekend, she has a few extra hours and “tries to tackle her bigger woodworking projects.”



Ms. Holtz’s houseplant that she has been taking care of. Photo courtesy of Abigail Holtz


Ms. Holtz working on a woodworking project.
Photo courtesy of Abigail Holtz


Ms. Karen Bogoski is a new Engineering and CADD teacher at Roosevelt. As she “would rather be teaching in person,” she spends her weekday watching T.V, cooking, and gardening. During the weekend, she enjoys reading, shopping, and driving around.


Ms. Bogoski making a custom pizza at Mod Pizza.
Photo courtesy of Karen Bogoski


Mr. David Ellison is a Mathematics teacher at Roosevelt. Preferring in-person teaching to online teaching, he uses his time after school to go biking, hiking, and to cook. During the weekends, he does the same with the addition of watching movies.


Mr. Ellison on a hike with his family.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Ellison


Ms. Shaniqua McShan is an English teacher at Roosevelt. So far, she enjoys online teaching and she spends the extra time she has during the weekend watching Youtube and Twitch, playing video games, and using her newly acquired VR treadmill.


Ms. McShan using her VR treadmill.
Photos courtesy of Shaniqua McShan


Student Edition

Kelsey Afoakwa is a Junior at Roosevelt. She prefers in-person classes and in her free time she enjoys learning dances, learning new languages, drawing, knitting, and singing karaoke.

Kelsey Afoakwa knitting a scarf.
Photo courtesy of Kelsey Afoakwa


As a Junior at Roosevelt, Divine Enyi prefers both online and in person school. She finds that she does not have as much time as she wants during the week to do some fun activities. However, she spends the little time she has reading books and scrolling through social media. She also likes to write and watch television shows and movies.


Divine Enyi’s book collection.
Photo Courtesy of Divine Enyi


Michael Vit is a Junior at Roosevelt. Preferring in-person school, he uses his free time to cook, work out, and read. 


Michael Vit working out with a dumbbell in his home gym.
Photo courtesy of Michael Vit


Olanna Nwozo is a Junior at Roosevelt. In her free time, she enjoys studying and reading, as well as watching anime, Netflix, or sleeping. Otherwise, she will bake and try out new recipes.

A chocolate cake that Olanna Nwozo made after school.
Photo Courtesy of Olanna Nwozo