Fans React to The Washington Football Team Name Change


The team’s helmet without the old mascot.

On July 3, 2020 the name of Washington D.C.’s football team was changed to “The Washington Football Team.” The team’s mascot used to be called the “Redskins,” but due to backlash the NFL (National Football League) decided to change the name. Fans and students had an opinion on the new name.

Students and fans had opinions and concerns about the name being changed. Some were positive and some were negative. A lot of fans believed that the name should be changed to an actual mascot. Some fans believed that the name should have stayed as the Redskins. Two students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School named Kalani and Thomas had their  opinions on the changing of the team. Thomas said that “ It doesn’t make sense that the team is called The Washington Football Team and it should have an actual name ”. Kalani said he thinks “they need to change it because The Washington Football Team doesn’t make sense.” 

The fans also had opinions on it. These fans are some die heart fans that claimed Washington as their favorite team since day 1. A fan named Samuel said his perspective on the team was that “they need to build more ” meaning that the team needs more of a motivation on winning because they haven’t been playing too well lately. He said he “misses the old team name which was the Redskins ” and he doesn’t think the team name should’ve been changed just because they were being too prejudiced about the mascot. His last opinion was that he doesn’t think the changing of the team showed any improvement. A second fan named Derrick also had feedback on the team’s name being changed. He claims he’s been a die heart fan for the longest. His perspective on the new team name was that he “likes it. ” He also missed the old team name. His comment on it was that “the league was being racist about the mascot. ” He thinks the name of the team should’ve been changed but to an actual mascot because the name of the team now to his opinion is “ boring. ” He also thinks that the new name of the team makes them look better because people don’t see the team as racist anymore.

Overall fans have a lot of negative thoughts on the team changing.