How ERHS Basketball Players Are Staying in Shape During Quarantine


Munyu Njoya, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic took a terrible toll on our life this year. We had to stay home, school was shut down, our favorite restaurants closed, we could not interact with our friends, and worst of all, athletes had to take a break from their sports!


During this period most athletes were finding themselves thinking of what to do now that their schedules have drastically changed. For instance, not going to practice, not playing at games, not seeing their teammates everyday, and that can be very hard, as well as life changing.


The Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) basketball team had it hard because when the season ended, most players usually stayed for workouts, but due to the pandemic they could not do that this year. It especially hit the seniors really hard because this was their last year and it abruptly ended. They could not complete the rituals they usually do like the end of year banquet. Some of them might have been expecting a scholarship but everything was put on hold. With all of these things going on, they could not lose themself, so they had to find a way to stay in shape.


Amari Wright, one of  the point guards on the JV basketball team says “At the beginning of quarantine it was hard but I started off with jump ropes and early morning runs”. He also goes on to say “it’s all about your mindset”. Fortunately for him he was privileged enough to get a private gym and this helped him out a lot during this period.


Another player Malik Oyekan, one of the small forwards on the team stayed in shape by eating healthy, going for runs outside, and working out by doing push ups and doing sit ups on a daily basis.


Right now the PGCPS Athletic Department is trying to find safer ways for student athletes to get back to get back to their sports. This is for when schools start back up and nobody contracts anything. Most coaches try to host zoom workouts and discussions where they can monitor and advise the athletes on what to do so that they can be ready and stay in shape. And like Amari said “it’s all about your mindset”.