Teacher Feature: Ms. Hill

Caroline Lehman, Staff Writer

This year, Ms. Jennifer Hill joins the staff at ERHS. While Ms. Hill is new to teaching trigonometry, algebra 2, and quantitative modeling here at Roosevelt, she has been working in building on and off for the last two years.

Her first encounters with Eleanor Roosevelt High School were when her mentor, former Math Department Chair Ms. Meghan Kovach, hired her as an intern during the fall of 2017. Ms. Hill returned to again intern in the fall of 2018 and was ultimately hired for full-time employment in December of 2018.

Ms. Hill explained that she found her passion for education because of her mom. “My mom was an elementary school teacher and so it was a natural instinct to become an educator,” said Ms. Hill, who said she knew she wanted to become a teacher when she was in first grade. Middle school was when she made the decision to become a math teacher because of her proficiency in the subject; being ahead in her courses by not one, but two grade levels. It wasn’t until she reached high school that she knew she wanted to teach at that grade level. She reflected that the atmosphere there was like no other, it was fun and, “had something to offer for everyone there.”

Following her high school career, Ms. Hill earned her associate’s degree in Secondary Math Education from Montgomery College. Upon completing her program at Montgomery College, she transferred to the University of Maryland to pursue her bachelor’s degree, also in Secondary Math Education.

Ms. Hill is already known widely by her students for her daily patience, attention, and listening. Current student and sophomore Kenny Graninger said, “every Friday, Ms. Hill gives her students time to talk about anything; what’s going on in their lives, positive or negative things, or upcoming events. She just listens and gives helpful advice.”

Ms. Hill is very involved in extracurricular activities at ERHS as the co-sponsor of the class of 2021, and of the modeling and dance club known as “ET Productions”.

Outside of all school activities Ms. Hill has many hobbies and passions that she enjoys in her free time. They include dancing, especially hip hop, and binging TV shows and movies. “My favorite TV show is probably Game of Thrones, and I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I also really like the Batman movies… horror movies, even the bad ones because I like to critique them” she said.