Teacher Feature: Mr. Alexander Miletich

Gabriela Holzer, Staff Writer

There are two new Social Studies teachers this year at ERHS. One is Mr. Alexander Miletich.

Mr. Miletich recently graduated from the University of Maryland where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Theatre and Government, and then went on to receive a master’s in Education.

Mr. Miletich currently teaches Government and was already familiar with Eleanor Roosevelt High School before this year. He spent much of his time last year student teaching under Mr. Kenneth Robertson. He said that the transition is easy as he “already know[s] the other teachers” and “feel[s] at home”. 

Mr. Miletich’s students say they already love him as much as he says he loves Roosevelt; sophomore Chloe Leosala said that “once you go inside [his] classroom it’s as if there’s a positive vibe around you.” Peter Silski, also a sophomore, stated that Mr. Miletich is “always prepared and makes sure that [his students] understand what he’s teaching.” Silski said his favorite part of the class is when they have class discussions and when Mr. Miletich shows “fun videos” to help his students understand new topics.

Mr. Miletich said he loves being a Raider. “It’s great, especially teaching where I taught last year.” He continued, “it doesn’t truly feel like my first year.”