Teacher Feature: Ms. Wilson

Amy Lepore, Staff Writer

This year, ERHS welcomes Ms. Danielle Wilson to the math department. Ms. Wilson hails from Philadelphia and studied graphic design as an undergraduate student. She discovered her passion for teaching while tutoring students at a math summer camp, and eventually switched her master’s program to education. 

Ms. Wilson taught in Philadelphia for six years before moving to Maryland. After teaching in Montgomery County for five years, Roosevelt’s own Mr. Herbert recommended that she apply to work at ERHS. Ms. Wilson stated that she was “so excited [she] got the job.”

In just a few weeks of school, Ms. Wilson has already established her classroom routine. Class begins with a warm-up to review what students have already learned, and then jumps right into the day’s lesson. “I like to use technology as much as possible,” she says, explaining how she records videos of herself teaching lessons for her students to watch. She says the videos provide reinforcement for students as well as the comfort of her teaching style. Additionally, her students use an interactive notebook for their notes in which they glue handouts and fill in the blank spaces during class. Ms. Wilson’s graphic design skills are evident in these notebooks, and her use of creativity makes notetaking easy and organized. 

Ms. Wilson presents information in multiple ways to assure that all of her students learn it. “She’s good at explaining,” stated sophomore Maria Perez. Ms. Wilson uses slideshow presentations, videos, and the overhead projector to work through information and problems with her class. “She understands [us]” says fellow sophomore Lamon Lyles. 

In addition to being a new teacher, Ms. Wilson is also one of the ninth grade class sponsors. Her enthusiasm towards the class of 2023 shone through as she explained her hopes for hallway decorations, spirit week, and homecoming. Ms. Wilson loves the ambition her students show and can’t wait to continue working with them and becoming part of the ERHS community.