Summer Walker’s “Over It”: Bop or Flop?

Tae'Shaun Vann, Staff Writer

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The cover of Summer Walker’s album Over It

On October 4th, 2019, artist, Summer Walker released her highly anticipated second R&B album “Over It”. She was introduced to mainstream media with her hit “Girls Need Love”  that lead her to becoming the #8 R&B Artist worldwide.

She released “Playing Games” as the first single to “Over It”. Over It has received an acceptable 7.2 rate of on Pitchfork. The album features other artists such as A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Jhene Aiko.

Throughout the album, Summer Walker simply keeps it real. She addresses her emotion toward “lame dudes” and relationship issues. The album displays anger, love, frustration in a way that completely ties them all together showing how those emotions work together in a relationship.

On her track “Me” she discusses uncertainty when being put in a position of heartbreak. She emphasizes the rage that she feels when she writes “I would never shoot you, baby/Maybe just wave it around.” Walker dramatically points out the frustration in a melodic way that serves as a cautionary tale for her listeners.

Her title track “Over it” helps put listeners into perspective when it comes to struggling in relationships. She keeps it as simple as possible  – leave him on read, then block him.

In a way, Summer walker speaks on protecting one’s mental and emotional health. Her track “Just Might”, she talks about living a promiscuous life without shame. This track a spin from her soppy tales of poor relationships.

How do ERHS students feel about it? According to surveys around the school, many students appreciate the rawness of the album. The songs were “relatable” and “down to earth”as stated by Venus Tchabong, an Eleanor Roosevelt senior. Adama Kargbo, another senior here at Eleanor Roosevelt, described the album as being a  “journey of truth” in a way that helped her deal with crushes or express how she felt about a boy. Many students were able to feel pleasure in hearing what they were thinking. Many students felt that Walker informed society of the females mind in regards to relationships.

Sometimes in relationships, you love, other times it is not so easy. The way that she talks about lusting even though it may be wrong allowed many students to feel that they are not alone in how they feel.  It was interesting to hear someone with a platform put into words how they were feeling themselves.

Summer Walker’s album serves as a reflection on relationships, a reflection of self care, and a reflection on channeling frustration. She does an exceptional job at writing an album that captures emotions that may sometimes be felt while dealing with relationships. She allowed her listeners to have the power to be “Over it”, to be fearless in any decision that they decide to make – promiscuous or faithful. Walker serves as a beacon for youth who simply want to push through a “sorry situation”.

She let her listeners know that it’s okay to not be okay. Her emotionally raw lyrics help listeners regain confidence in themselves and the decisions that they make that may affect their love lives.