Oscars Review

Nathaniel Hawks, News Editor

The Oscars is commonly referred to as Hollywood’s Biggest Night,” and it truly is. Celebrities of a different nationality, race, and gender, all attend to celebrate the movies of the past year, and reward those who gave their all in their respective category.

A lot of controversy circled around before the Oscars began, starting with Kevin Hart stepping down as host after homophobic tweets resurfaced. This was soon followed by a decision by the Academy to have a hostless Oscars. Along with that, the Academy planned on giving awards during commercial breaks, removing awards such as best cinematography, and adding the best popular film to avoid controversy.

With all of these announcements, Hollywood was in for an interesting night to say the least. So, did the hostless oscars succeed?

The 2019 Oscars ceremony was a success. Not only did they bring back the missing awards, but they also abandoned the most popular film award.

The night kicked off with a performance by Queen and Adam Lambert singing ‘We will Rock You,’ setting the tone for the night as actors, directors, and crew joined in on the rhythm of a great song by one of the greatest bands.

Without a host, the ceremony still brought in plenty of laughs, especially from presenters Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey, who presented the first award; Best Supporting Actress.

The night went on and many surprises took the audience by storm.

Even though the night itself went off without a hitch, its best picture award, which is almost always controversial, was a clear universal upset when ‘Green Book’ was announced as the winner.

Whether or not it was a good movie did not matter. The main question on everyone’s mind was: Was it the best Movie of the year?

Despite this major upset, the ceremony drew in 29.6 million viewers, 3.1 million more than last year. It also had a 7.7 rating with adults for the “time zone adjusted fast national ratings,” which was much higher than last year’s  rating of 6.8.