Teacher Feature: Ms. McShan

Mustafa Khalid, Staff Writer

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This year, ERHS welcomed English teacher Ms. Shaniqua McShan, who joins the staff as an English 9 and 10 teacher.

Ms. McShan was born and raised in South Haven, Michigan. She went to Michigan State University for both her undergraduate degree, where she majored in English, and her master’s degree, in Teaching in Curriculum. Interestingly, Ms. McShan shared that her original plan was not to be a teacher, and instead to be “a video game narrator or something in that field.”  A meeting at her university which discussed different job departments changed her mind as her interest in teaching grew.

Prior to teaching at Roosevelt, Ms. McShan taught English at Dunbarr High School in Washington D.C. When asked about her favorite thing about Roosevelt, Ms. McShan shared she loves “her kids and sharing things with them.”  

Ms. McShan shared that in the classroom she wants to “be 100% me, and make the classroom her home.” Students in the classroom felt she succeeded in doing that, such as freshman Man Lun, who said she liked “how easy she is to talk to and how approachable she is.” Sophomore Talayla Sellman agreed with that sentiment, saying that Ms. McShan is “outgoing” and she loves how McShan teaches. 

Ms. Lilan Miller commented that she loved Ms. Mcshan’s “enthusiasm” and “working collaboratively with her.”

Outside of school, Ms. McShan enjoys video games, especially role-playing games (RPGs), such as Elder Scrolls and Zelda.


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