Teacher Feature: Dr. Robinson

David Premkumar, Staff Writer

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This school year the staff at Eleanor Roosevelt High School welcomes Dr. Robinson, who teaches both biology and AP biology.

Dr. Robinson said her interest in biology started at an early age. She recalled that during her childhood she always wanted to be a doctor, having spent a lot of time at hospitals since her mother had been hospitalized repeatedly.

After graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt High School as part of the class of 1993, Dr. Robinson attended Florida A&M University, where she received her bachelor’s degree before receiving her Doctorate in Medicine from George Washington University. She spent her summers working as a researcher at Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Once she graduated, she said she “spent some time teaching soldiers straight out of high school” in the U.S. Military. During this time, she decided to teach career based upon her friend who developed a passion for the career as well.

Joining PGCPS as a science teacher at Thurgood G. Marshall Middle School in 2010,  Dr. Robinson taught for eight years before coming to ERHS this year.

Dr. Robinson said her hobbies include photography, reading, “decorative planning,” and a passion for the Washington Redskins. In her first year at this school, she has already become involved in sponsoring the “Future Bio-Stem Professionals” club.

She is highly regarded by her students. “She’s a good teacher that knows her stuff on top of her head,” according to Biruk Banko, a sophomore in her AP Biology class. What makes her teaching interesting, however, is her interest in biology in the real world being reflected in the classroom.

Sophomore Danny Ontiveros agreed, stating “she is curious about what she teaches…she gives us the information in the context of real life and medicine and it interests me.”

When asked about her time at ERHS, she said she has enjoyed her time here, saying that “the students and staff are wonderful, and that I’m glad to be back.”

Dr. Robinson said she enjoys her job as a teacher, has no plans to leave this school anytime soon and would like to stay here for “as long as possible.”


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