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STEM Fair Results

Mykenna Maniece, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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On February 13 ERHS hosted its annual science fair. According to an email from Mr. Sean Brady, approximately 600 students, including 8 from Atsugi high school in Japan, competed in 15 STEM categories. Judges came from the University of Maryland, Walter Reed Army hospital, the FDA, NASA, and a variety of other research institutions and organizations. Honorable mentions in addition to first through third place winners were awarded in each category.

Below is the list of first-third place winners.

Animal Sciences

  1. Katherine Tucker
  2. Fiby Daniel
  3. Leah Booker

Behavioral & Social Sciences

  1. Ifeoluwaposimi John-Idiagbonya
  2. Savannah Barton
  3. Annabelle Treadon


  1. Arsalan Siddiqui
  2. Arianna Pankey
  3. Camille Sturdivant & Tiffany Song

Biomedical & Health Sciences

  1. Kimberly Barrios Magana
  2. Ale Fonseca
  3. Chinazam Uhegwu

Cellular & Molecular Biology

  1. Melissa de la Cuesta
  2. Joseph Leynes
  3. Makiyah Holder


  1. Lydia Banko
  2. Caleb Wheeler
  3. Vincent Lan

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

  1. Jelani Weathers
  2. Tracy Nguyen

Earth & Environmental Sciences

  1. Bruce Balmeo
  2. Audrey Rappaport
  3. Nina McGranahan

Energy: Chemical & Physical

  1. Edward Jahoda
  2. Adrian Strasser-King
  3. Nikolai Smith

Engineering Mechanics

  1. Gabriela Holzer
  2. Zaydan Ahmed
  3. Esohe Owie


  1. Mitchell Smith
  2. Wilson Smith
  3. Jennifer Taylor


  1. Lorna Cuthertson
  2. Divine Arewe
  3. Faith Ogugua


  1. Taylor Beverly
  2. Lemuel Green
  3. Kevin Le & Noel Christopher (tied)

Plant Sciences

  1. Bailey McCoy
  2. Wilson Martinez
  3. Salem Fasil

Robotics & Intelligent Machines

  1. Carla Rose
  2. John Idiagbonya
  3. Daniel Hamilton

The first grand prize winner was Gabriela Holzer and second grand prize winner was Arsalan Siddiqui.

Congratulations to all participants!


Disclaimer: Lorna Cuthbertson and Chinazam Uhegwu are both members of the Raider Review staff.


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STEM Fair Results