Teacher Feature: Mr. Breyer Hillegas

Joseph Niba, Staff Writer

Mr. Breyer Hillegas is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and a former 8th Grade Science teacher at Greenbelt Middle School. One of the new teachers to join the Eleanor Roosevelt High School faculty this year, Mr. Hillegas teaches Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and Biogeochemical systems.

Even when teaching at Greenbelt Middle School, Mr. Hillegas knew about Eleanor Roosevelt High School and the reputation that the school carries. When asked why he decided to teach at ERHS, he gave various reasons for his decision. “I taught 8th grade at the middle school level, and I wanted to come where my students came. Also, Roosevelt is the best science school in the county.”Mr. Hillegas was also influenced by the school’s teachers and the principal.“I knew a couple showed that he truly did feel that Roosevelt was the right school for him.

At the end of the last school year, Mrs. Peggy Brosnan retired as a teacher and left the school with one other teacher to teach AP Biology. Mr. Hillegas was one of two teachers who came in to teach the course after her departure. As a completely new teacher to many, students questioned what kind of teacher he would be, and how the class would operate under him. One of his students, Canaan Holmes, described his initial feelings towards Mr. Hillegas. “I came into the class without knowing what kind of teacher he would be, but he immediately gave off a vibe that made the class chill.”

He went on to praise Mr. Hillegas for his efforts to help students both inside and outside the classroom. “Outside of AP Bio, he would help students with college applications and took class time to ask if we had any questions about the college application process”. Overall, Mr. H quickly dispelled any concerns students had about him by quickly developing a positive relationship with his students.

As Mr. Hillegas developed relationships with his students, he has also been impressed with the students he teaches. When asked about what was most impressive about the students, he quickly talked about the drive the students had to learn. “Some kids would literally take a class instead of a lunch period, that’s really impressive.” The students that Mr. Hillegas teaches seem to have quickly left a good impression on him. Mr. Hillegas indicated that he planned to stay here at Roosevelt. When asked about what he looks forward to the most as a teacher at the school, he personally wants to “help students understand science.”

Mr. Hillegas has quickly made an impact on the students he teaches. As he looks towards being an integral part of the Roosevelt science teachers, he wants to continue to leave an impact for the future years he plans to teach at Roosevelt.