Wall-E: A Love Story for the Ages

Amelia Komisar-Bury, Opinion Editor

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This Valentine’s Day dip some strawberries, find a super soft blanket, and cuddle up to a beautiful, multi-dimensional romance. Of course I am speaking of the 2008 Pixar motion-picture, Wall-E.

Wait, wait, wait; before you click away, hear me out.

Wall-E tells the story of a hard working robot, who despite his literally rusty exterior, is the true romantic feminists should support. Wall-E is a collector, an archivist, and a Hello, Dolly fanboy.

While too many romantic comedies have two-dimensional stereotypes fulfilling the “best friend” role, the cockroach in Wall-E has its own personality and is a lover of Twinkies.

The true beauty in how love is presented in Wall-E comes in how EVE is portrayed. Again, going against gender stereotypes, EVE is a strong, cool bot.

The robots’ love isn’t sexualized or over-complicated. Wall-E’s goal is to hold EVE’s hand. In the movie, the spiciest scene is when he uses a fire extinguisher to dance with her through space.

I love love. I love romantic comedies and TV weddings. I love cuddling and forehead kisses. And I sincerely believe that this sci-fi flick is a burrito of those warm and fuzzy emotions.


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