#AskChi: Suspicious and High School Sweetheart or Not

Chinazam Uhegwu, Staff Writer

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My boyfriend and I started dating 2 weeks ago and I feel like he has a thing for my best friend. Every time I ask him, he denies it but my best friend tells me he always flirts with her. What should I do?- suspicious

Suspicious: Sounds like two different stories, but who do you trust more? Two weeks into a relationship cannot compare to the friendship that exists between best friends. You’ve already done the questioning of actions, now try the confrontation of both. Confront him with the actions your friend has stated, see if there is a miscommunication somewhere. However, your best friend is your best friend, someone far more likely to be honest with you. The honeymoon phase is still present, however, don’t allow a two-week relationship cloud your judgment. Don’t allow your situation to be another story in the book of lies.

My boyfriend and I are seniors and we have been dating since freshman year. I plan on going to college in state but he plans on going out of state. I love him but I don’t know if I can do the long distance thing. I love having him around me and being with him every day. Do we try it out or break up now before we separate anyway?- high school sweetheart or not

High school sweetheart or not: It’s nice to hear that you two have held a long lasting relationship and have spoken about the future. There seems to be a proper communication that takes place within this relationship. With little time to spare before senior year is over, now is the right time to start thinking about how distance may affect certain relationships. In your case, the relationship blossomed since freshman year. This time doesn’t go away, and the feelings have grown stronger with time. With each new year, the relationship continued due to availability. Now that distance will introduce itself as a factor of the relationship, availability will decrease alongside. You stated yourself that the idea of long distance does not seem like something you’re fond of.

Now with this new step, comes a new wave of people, different environment and maybe a different you. Before you try to make accommodations for this relationship to work, ask yourself if you are willing to accommodate. It would be your freshman year of college. I say explore, fully, with your new environment. Take the time to explore yourself.

Communication doesn’t have to cease, if it is meant to be, it will happen.

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