Rugby Team Returns to Roosevelt

Jared Hamlin, Sports Editor

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Roosevelt’s Boys Rugby team took a hiatus during spring 2018, but say they are looking forward to winning this upcoming season in spring 2019.

Due to a short roster this past spring, the boys team here at ERHS had to call their season quits shortly after it had started. Now, they have both a larger roster and a common goal to win big. 

Returning player and senior captain, Charles Nji, made it clear that he is all business and said the team’s biggest goal is “to win every game, go undefeated.” He later commented on the large involvement of new players, “we have a lot to work on but the new guys are learning fast,” he said.

One of the new players, senior Bilal Elmasry, described what it is like to learn the ins-and-outs of rugby for the first time. Elmasry said he expected “a new challenge, this is something completely different than what I have done before.” He explained that he is a member of the Varsity Swim Team.

Fellow seniors Christopher Zerneri and Manga Jawara are both are returning players of the sport and have high hopes for the upcoming season.

Zerneri said that his individual goal this season is to “win games and have fun with my brothers.” Jawara was straight-forward with his answer. Three words: “winning the championship.”


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