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Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem Causes Backlash in Gaza Strip

Nyla Howell, Staff Writer

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    Relocated United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

On May 14, the US had an ceremony in Washington, DC for the opening of an US embassy in Jerusalem. This fueled anger in Palestinians and started deadly protests at the boarder of the two countries.

It was a day of celebration for the Israelis and a day of fury for the Palestinians. The Israelis were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of their country and the relocation of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The embassy had been originally located in Tel Aviv, the political capital of Israel. This added fuel to the long lasting Israel and Palestine conflict by recognizing the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel instead of Tel Aviv.

This began protests that turned deadly. According to a news article on Vox News, “Israeli soldiers shot and killed more than 60 Palestinian protesters on the Gaza-Israel border and wounded thousands of others… The vast majority of protesters who participated in Monday and Tuesday’s events were unarmed.”

According to NPR, some of the civilians were being used by Hamas, one of the groups behind the protest.

However, protests at the Gaza Strip had been going on for some time that did not have to do with the relocation of the embassy.

The celebration and relocation of the U.S. Embassy only caused more problems between the countries. In the Vox News news article, author Alexia Underwood reached out to Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights to “get his perspective on what just happened.” He said “‘So for the United States to not only make the decision that they did in terms of locating the embassy in Jerusalem, but to decide to unveil it and to celebrate it on this particular day[May 14], can only be seen by Palestinians as a deliberate effort to justify the Israeli historical narrative…'” Manuyyer continued “‘I don’t think this level of depravity and cruelty is something that Palestinians have witnessed by the United States in the past.'”

There are some who view this decision positively. According to a news article in The Times of Israel, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said “‘President Trump’s decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem on the coming Independence Day follows his historic declaration in December to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital…This decision will turn Israel’s 70th Independence Day into an even bigger celebration. Thank you President Trump for your leadership and friendship.’”

Students were also asked about the U.S.’s decision to relocate the embassy and celebrate it on Israel’s independence day while ignoring the violence going on at the Palestinian border.

One student, sophomore Kyle Downy said “It doesn’t seem like a good decision because more problems were made than solved.”

Sophomore Malik Gupta said “I believe it was a bad decision because of the escalating conflict that resulted from it. Jerusalem is suppose to be a center for religion and the spread of peace yet laying a claim to it is doing the exact opposite.”

United States History teacher, Mr. Anthony McMillan, was also asked what he thought about the decision. He said “It caused tension in the region between Jewish and Muslim people. The U. S. Embassy could have stayed in Tel Aviv.  It was an arrogant move by the White House and people died the same day it was relocated in protest.”

The world will continue to watch the conflict between Israel and Palestine play out as it has over many decades.


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Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem Causes Backlash in Gaza Strip