The Syrian War and Why We Should Help

Habibah Khaled, Staff Writer

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The Syrian War is an ongoing conflict between Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, along with his supporters, and those against him.

According to CNN, the war is becoming far more complex now that several countries are getting involved. This has caused a great hatred between the two Muslim divisions in the country. Additionally, the conflict has increased now that the Kurds in Syria, want to self-govern.

Seeing this definitely pains me, knowing that innocent lives are being lost on a daily basis-and not enough action is being taken.

We’re seeing children losing their parents at such an early age, people going days without food and water, and having bombs falling from the sky just like rain does – and this needs to change.

Sophomore Adebanke Abbasi says that this is “sad to see as people are going through this as we’re watching.”

Sophomore Maryssa Edwin says that “People don’t deserve this. It’s is sad to see this in the news and it looks like revenge.”

This war (which started on March 15th, 2011) has taken an unacceptable 400,000 (and counting) lives of people who just wanted to live life as normal people. We have so many resources available to us – social media, the Internet, and news. We have so many positive ways to spread awareness, but are we just going to remain quiet and abuse this given power?

Now is the time to change. We must use our voice to speak up for what we believe is right to solve this problem. By raising money, creating campaigns, and holding events in our communities to raise awareness – just to name a few things we could do to help –  I believe this is possible. Even though we’re not getting a direct effect, we must try our best to be considerate about this problem.


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