Ask Zsyrii: “Good” Friend

Zsyrii Ennis, Co-Editor in Chief

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Dear Zsyrii,

What do I do when my friend gets a boo and leaves me to hang out with them leaving me to feel excluded and lonely?

-Good Friend

Dear Good Friend,

I’ve been that friend before when I had a boyfriend, but it’s also unintentional. With me and my bestfriend we have  a very communicative relationship so whenever she feels a certain way about me leaving her excluded she mentions it.

I suggest that you communicate to your friend about the way you feel because they may not know that you feel lonely. A friendship is a two-way street and when it’s not mutual effort you may be frustrated but the only way you can fix it is by expressing how you feel. I think that your friend needs to realize that you were her friend before and hopefully will be her friend after. Instead of putting all your effort into that one friendship try finding other things to occupy your time. Let your friend enjoy their “boo” and if she is really your friend she’ll come around just give her some time to enjoy herself. Be supportive!


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