The Perks of Being Bilingual

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Being bilingual has been  proven to be able to  enhance your ability to concentrate, solve problems and focus. It also improves multitasking skills and has numerous employment benefits, so those language classes in High School are definitely worth it.

Speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious benefits in an increasingly globalized world. Communication in the workplace is important, and more companies, especially those with international offices, are considering bilingualism a high priority, meaning you have higher chances receiving the job. Knowing a second language makes your resume stand out and can open more job opportunities. Translators alone can make up to $25.00 an hour.

Speaking other languages lets you interact with different people and understand cultures outside your own. Traveling can also be cheaper and more rewarding when you speak the language of the country you’re visiting.

As a bilingual student, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of knowing more than one language. Language is what makes up a culture and being able to understand someone who speaks the same language improves communication.  Being bilingual has allowed me too listen to different type of music, read different things, and interact with more people.

Sophomore Samantha Gonzalez says that being able to speak Spanish has helped her “translate from English to Spanish for her mother,” who doesn’t read English well. Freshmen, Anna Lloyd says she “couldn’t imagine visiting Germany and not understanding anyone.” She agrees that speaking two languages furthers communication between different cultures. Senior, Maryuri Pazos, says that she “always puts down that she is bilingual whenever applying for a job.”

There are many benefits of knowing more than one language. Being bilingual is overall a wonderful thing.


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