Opinion: The Lack of Field Trips in High School


Vanessa Imonide, Staff Writer

As we all know, there are usually a lack of field trips in high school than there are in our elementary and middle schools. It’s particularly rare that you would go on a field trip now, due to different standards when it comes to high school.

A big reason for why we do not attend field trips is due to lack of funds. A lot of schools don’t even have the appropriate amount of funding to go on field trips. There is money, but that usually goes toward different things in school; no one is really thinking about the money going towards field trips. I’m not outright saying that there are completely no field trips at all, but don’t be surprised by the amount of seniors who will say they haven’t gone on a field trip since their freshman year. Lots of people have complained about this being so, but they don’t know what really goes on behind the curtains.

Some teachers feel like they can’t lose up to one day of instruction because it will set back all their plans. A lot of them don’t see the need for a field trip; some of them really have no control on whether to have a field trip or not. If anything, a lot of people who are in certain clubs or activities may go on a field trip, but it’s usually not excused, knowing this from personal experience. Students complain about always being in school and never really getting a break from class a lot of the time. None of them make an effort to do anything about it, but none of them really know that they can do something about it.

So next time you’re thinking that the lack of field trips in high school means that they don’t want you to go anywhere, it’s usually something more than that. You have the power to change that if you really want to or can.