March Madness in Full Effect

Kobe Broadwater, Sports Editor

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Sections Show Sunday brought 64 teams arranged in a bracket to compete in the NCAA tournament. The teams are placed into 4 sections ranking 1 to 16. It was an exciting start for March Madness: a 13 seed underdog Buffalo Bulls team defeating a four seed Arizona Wildcats in the first round game, and won 89-68 at Taco Bell Arena.

Throughout the first week,  the biggest takeaway from the first two rounds was 16 seed UMBC’s historical victory over one seed Virginia. Another great story was of 11 seed Loyola Chicago Ramblers and Sister Jean, an important woman to their team.

Sixteen teams were left fighting to reach the elite 8, which started Thursday, March 22, 2018; with it came more competitive basketball. The top upsets include Buffalo, Florida State, Loyola Chicago, and Syracuse.

Did your bracket bust? Sad to say, it probably did.

According to ESPN stats and info, “17.3 million entries were made and zero perfect brackets left.”  The race to the final four in San Antonio, Texas begins next on March 31, 2018. The prediction highlights include Duke, Kentucky, Michigan, and West Virginia.


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