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LGBTQ+ Representation on Children’s Television

Vanessa Imonide, Writer

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LGBTQ+ representation on children’s television is really important in order  for there to be a change. People who don’t agree believe that LGBTQ+ representation should be on children’s television believe that it will “influence” their child into “turning gay,” when that is not the case. Representation in anything that deviates from societal norms should be shown, so people who identify with that, can relate to something.

You can’t “turn” into anything if you weren’t already that way before. It is important that children with different parent structures are able to see something they relate to on mainstream television. If kids only see heterosexual couples and heterosexual characters’ they won’t be able to be educated on LGBTQ+ couples and think that it’s abnormal. Many kids who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community never see any representation in the media, and learn to hate themselves.

Giving people basic human rights should be normalized and not something deemed as taboo. Children won’t think anything negative if they see someone “different”. They most likely won’t even know unless they were taught to discriminate.


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Vanessa Imonide, Staff Writer

Vanessa Imonide is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and she is a staff writer for the Raider Review. She enjoys playing the violin and her favorite...

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LGBTQ+ Representation on Children’s Television