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Reputation, Taylor Swift’s Newest Album

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Reputation, Taylor Swift’s Newest Album

Kendolyn Davis, Staff Writer

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After listening to her newest album titled “Reputation,” Taylor Swift makes one thing clear: Her artistic talent and her bold, ever-changing confidence is not to be underestimated.

“Reputation” is an especially daring step forward from Swift’s prior album, “1989”. With hits like “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Ready For It”, Swift sends a bold message that not only acknowledges her controversial reputation, but embraces it. This unusual acceptance of her own criticism is somewhat rare from an artist, especially her transforming these comments into something so raw and unfiltered as music. “Reputation” proves to the world that it’s possible to forge our negativities into something brand new and powerful, and practically untouchable.

First released in summer of 2017, “Look What You Made Me Do” stunned the world with its daring, yet certainly mocking attitude, towards Swift’s own condemnations said against her. 24 hours after it was released, the single gained over 43.2 million views, winning the record for most Youtube global streams in a 24 hour period.

Not only did the single show the world a fierce, powerful version of Swift, it took the lead in setting the tone for the whole entire album. “Look What You Made Me Do” left listeners submerged in Swift’s unrelenting confidence, and even transfers some of that confidence to the listeners themselves.

Swift’s second released single off the album titled “Ready For It” further came to show Swift’s passion and creativity for her music. “Ready For It” immediately launches into an intense, bass-driven track that’s complemented by Swift’s powerful voice. Another track off the album, titled “Gorgeous,” is also one to be noted. Although “Gorgeous” is not as exciting and powerful as Swift’s other two singles, the track definitely serves its place in the album as providing a gentle, more down-to-earth side of Swift.

The track titled “End Game” was also well-received; however, Swift’s choice of collaborators could’ve been better chosen. Featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, “End Game” felt like the wrong track for these powerful artists to be featured in. Ed Sheeran’s voice felt largely out of place within the song – I felt like his voice was being thrust into a song that he had no business being in.

Ultimately, “Reputation” is an exciting new addition to Swift’s long-list of hits, and is definitely worth the time and effort to listen.


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Reputation, Taylor Swift’s Newest Album