Cape Town, South Africa, Runs Out of Water

Kendall Chappell, Staff Writer

The city of Cape Town in South Africa is approaching Day Zero, which is the day where their taps will be empty, due to a lengthy drought. According to the Cape Town website, Day Zero is currently set for April 6th, though according to USA Today it has been pushed back to June 4th due to recent rainfall.

Day Zero is the day the government will turn off the water for both homes and a lot of businesses in order to preserve what little water is left. This event was caused by a drought that began in 2015, which revealed how the country relies on rainwater as opposed to ocean or river water. As a result, when it stopped raining the country lost most of its source of water rather quickly.

Senior Ezekiel Rochmis said he believes that “this situation will become more common as weather patterns begin to shift due to climate change.” He said we must “urge the UN and other humanitarian organizations to begin looking for solutions to the impending water crisis’ in the future.”

Junior Katalina Martinez further said that if that were to happen here, she would “want to find a way to fix it.” In addition, a possible solution to her is that “that the army should go there and bring enough water bottles so that they won’t die.”

The government is also working on using different water sources; however, most of these projects are behind schedule, and it is unknown when they will finish.