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P.D.A in High School

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Public Displays of Affection, or P.D.A., is commonly shared between but not limited to couples. Walking through the hallways and seeing a couple hold hands and kiss tends to make me cringe. P.D.A. causes traffic in the already crowded hallway and causes an unintentional scene. I’ve always wondered why they couldn’t do that on their own time. I ran a poll on my twitter account (@RaiderZsyrii) asking “Do you like P.D.A.?” Out of 55 votes 24%  said “yes”, 24% said “no”, and 52% said it “depends.”

I am not against couples and I don’t hate love but students who decide to be overly affectionate in public and in school, a place that is for learning. I am against excessive P.D.A because it distracts the rest of the students and romantically embracing your partner is something that you should do on your own time. Having to announce yourself before walking through the back stairwell should’t be a required thing. I personally think that P.D.A should be limited to a quick kiss and/or a hug. Holding hands causes too much traffic when we have 5 minutes to go to our locker and get to our next class.

The occasional peck and hug is fine but when you find yourself sneaking to the back stairwell or into a empty hallway to do something more passionate, try to remember the real reason you are in school.


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P.D.A in High School