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Teacher Feature: Mr. John Steele

Habibah Khalid, Staff Writer

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Mr. John Steele, who is located in Room 118, joins the ERHS staff this year.

Mr. John Steele seemed excited to be a new member of the ERHS staff, saying it is by far his favorite school out of the five schools he has taught in so far. Mr.Steele teaches Algebra 1 and Precalculus. Interestingly enough, when asked about whether he was always interested in pursuing his career as a math teacher, he replied, “I was initially interested in being a financial advisor. I majored in finance.” He did become interested in teaching as a senior in high school, but he didn’t think he’d pursue in that field because of the low income it had to offer. Surprisingly, his interest turned into a career which he proudly pursues today.

When asked about what he likes about his job, he laughed and replied, “It can be unpredictable.” One of his students added on that there are “lots of different classmates” that make it so.

“Mr. Steele is very funny, cool, and hard working,” the student said. “I enjoy math now.”

When Mr. Shellhammer was asked about his first impression, he said Mr. Steele was a “nice guy. I talked to him about his previous job and it shows that he knows what he’s doing.”

Mr. Steele said that his job allows him to help those he thinks are going on the wrong path to go on the right path. A moral he’s trying to instill in his students is that “with hard work, they can accomplish things they think are impossible.”


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Teacher Feature: Mr. John Steele