“Everyday is Christmas” Album Review

Kendolyn Davis, Staff Writer

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This holiday season, famed pop singer Sia has given the world her latest contemporary Christmas album, brimming with hits that have made the holidays even more enjoyable. Full of original Christmas-themed tracks mostly written by Sia herself, “Everyday is Christmas” gives fans a refreshing getaway from the traditional songs played this time of year.

Opening with the track “Santa’s Coming For Us,” Sia kicks off the album with a melodic voice, painting a scene of hot chocolate and Christmas cheer. Fueled by a revitalizing festive energy never before heard from the artist, “Santa’s Coming for Us” is perfect in setting the festively vibrant tone for the rest of the album. Reaching No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart by Billboard, this hit is only the start to what else Sia has in store. The following track “Candy Cane Lane” also embodies an invigorating melody, with the faint chiming of jingle bells paired with the bubbliness taken on by Sia’s voice.

While having its fair share of abundant festive cheer, the album also a number of slower, heartfelt tracks while still maintaining the holiday spirit. The third song “Snowman” fearlessly embraces a unique bluesy tone, easily making it one of the most memorable songs on the album itself. “Snowflake” also takes on a significantly slower tempo than any of the other songs off the album. Driven by the somber chords of a piano and Sia’s delicate yet sorrowful voice, “Snowflake” creates a mournful mood that is almost palpable.

“Underneath the Mistletoe” is another piano-driven track, but instead gives the album a pleasant, sweet melody that warms hearts as well as melts them. The album culminates at the track “Everyday is Christmas”, the song that gave the album its title. “Everyday is Christmas” portrays the story of spending Christmas with the ones we love. Poignant yet catchy, the track closes the album with words that resonate with the listener hours later.

During the holidays, it is often hard for artists to compose new Christmas singles that gain success and approval. However, it is clear that these challenges did not deter Sia from the creation of “Everyday is Christmas.” Her newest masterpiece colors the holiday season with contemporary flair. 


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