Why We Should Abolish Valentine’s Day

Why We Should Abolish Valentine's Day

Ayanna Jones-Reid, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection, and friendship. It’s the time of year when couples hold hands affectionately as they roam the crowded halls.

Boyfriends spend the last of their allowance on roses and chocolates for their girlfriends. Girlfriends wait around like princesses for their high expectations to be met. Unfortunately for others, it seems as though the holiday was maliciously created to make single people feel extremely depressed.

I don’t get why people stress out so much on what they should buy or do for that special someone that day. Valentine’s Day is just another holiday that we take interest in celebrating. Why is there a whole day dedicated to showing love? People should treat each other like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday, not just once a year. Why wait until Valentine’s day to show someone how much they mean to you?

I say we abolish the holiday and incorporate it into our daily lives. Some students said they agree.

Senior Inaya Andrews, said “I don’t care for Valentine’s Day. The day means nothing to me. It’s just another day.” She explained that the holiday seems materialistic, and said that “the work industry made the day as a way to profit from the buying of these gifts.”

Senior Jose Murillo-Rivera said he agreed.

“I think people should show love everyday, not just the 14th of February, every year,” he said. “If you really care about someone, you should show how much you love them everyday, not just because a specific date is telling you to.”

Senior Dylan Pineda-Rodriguez said the holiday is nice, but also stressful.

“Valentine’s Day is really nothing. I use to brush it off, because I didn’t have anyone to appreciate my love. In a way, I agree with you, because it does seem stressful and overrated, but at the same time it’s sweet and nice to give someone special something special” Pineda-Rodriguez said.

Senior Ihunanya Obasi had an additional suggestion.

“I think that instead of abolishing the day, we should change people’s perception of it, both couples and single individuals,” said Obasi. “Valentine’s day enhances the romance in a relationship or show the birth of one. It’s up to the couple or whoever to decide if they want to be extravagant on the day or not.”