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Writing Your Own Book

Ayanna Jones-Reid, Staff Writer

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Some people hate writing. But writing can be beneficial for everyone. It can be therapeutic. It gives you the ability to express yourself and share your imagination with the rest of the world.

You have the freedom to create any character and any situation that you want. You can see things come to life through. Some write to document their life, some for school, and some simply do it for fun.

If you could write a book, what would you write about and why? What type of book would it be? Fiction, non fiction, novel, or short story? I asked students at Roosevelt to share their answers with me.

Senior Ihunanya Obasi answered, “I have many options for nonfiction. I’d write about my move to the US and how the first couple of months went. But for fiction, I’d write about unicorns spontaneously appearing out of nowhere and two adults are the ones to find it. ‘Cause you know, it’s usually kids that find stuff like that, with their big imaginations.”

Junior Jose Rivera stated, “I’d write a novel. It would definitely be about my life, because coming from another country and having to learn in English, was very difficult and an experience.”

Senior Beverly Ramos said, “I’d write romance stories that [involve] love, drama, and betrayal since I’m really into those type of books.”

Junior Kimberly Ayala answered, “I would probably write a fiction story, because I can make anything possible.”

Senior Wendy Sorto stated, “Definitely nonfiction! I think it would be short series about my life, but like a comedy or a bloom of something wonderful that happened.”

Senior Destiny Mokake said, “I would write a short story because I know that people love to read but not everyone likes to read long stories, especially slow readers. It becomes frustrating when you read one book for too long.”

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write, you just need your imagination and experience. You should try writing your own story and see how you like it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll really enjoy it!


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Ayanna Jones-Reid, Staff Writer

Ayanna Jones-Reid is a senior at ERHS and a staff writer for the Raider Review newspaper. She enjoys writing stories on her free time and plans on becoming...

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Writing Your Own Book