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Senior Stress!

Vanessa Imonide

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With application season in our midst, majority of seniors have been overwhelmed with the amount of workload that senior year entails. Senior dues, college apps, etc! Students have expressed how overwhelming it is.

Lots of seniors have completed their early action college applications, which required a lengthy process. Although it is extremely important to complete your college application if you are planning on going, it can also be hard to do so while trying to balance a social life and maintaining their grades.

Senior Amida Koroma says,  “I am finding difficulty in handling the workload that senior year provides because I am taking a lot of advanced classes and also have to conduct a research project.” She has expressed that it is hard for her to balance free time and schoolwork.  Koroma expected senior year to be difficult because of “all the classes [she] would be taking.” She felt that it is slightly more overwhelming than what she expected, “but it’s at the difficulty level that one would expect.”

Senior M’mah Cisse says that she is doing whatever she can and usually has a plan for each week but, “it doesn’t usually work out the way I want it to. So I’m just doing everything as we go.” Cisse knew that senior year was gonna be this hectic. She says, “mostly because everyone is trying to catch up with what they need to graduate and everyone is also tying to apply to colleges while keeping their grades up.”

Senior Elijah Mustapha states that he expected senior year to be “smooth sailing”. Mustapha thought he would be able to “cruise by senior year,” and he expected it to be more fun like how it is portrayed to be. He is “swamped with schoolwork each day”, due to the classes he is taking.


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Vanessa Imonide, Staff Writer

Vanessa Imonide is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and she is a staff writer for the Raider Review. She enjoys playing the violin and her favorite...

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Senior Stress!