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ERHS Students Show Their Style

Dayana Foster and Bessie Huang

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Teenagers don’t have control over a lot of things due to their supposedly tender age – which is yet another thing they don’t have control over. In fact, no one has control over that.

But, to be fair, there are many things teens do have control over, at least to a certain degree. What to eat for breakfast. Plans for the weekend. Grades.


Teens generally have chief autonomy over their own wardrobe (at least, more than they do over their age). In this way, style can be an extension of their character, a way to express themselves without speech. Junior Daphne Fernandez certainly recognizes its utility, half-joking as she explained the outfit she wore for this year’s Picture Day: “I’m wearing all black, to represent my mood for the year.” On a more serious note, she said that the ERHS student body has plenty of stylistic individuality, which she found refreshing. “I used to [try] so hard to fit this standard, like, everyone wore Jordans and stuff, and I couldn’t afford Jordans ‘cuz I’m poor. But then I got to [Roosevelt] and everyone had their own style…and I was inspired by that.” Perhaps Fernandez was a bit too inspired, as she later admitted that “I just [steal] everyone’s swag. Like, if something’s in fashion, then I’ll snatch it.” But experimenting with what exists may be a crucial part of creating a style that is uniquely yours.

Unless “it’s just natural,” like it is for junior Tre Freeland, who succinctly explained how he picks out his clothes: “That’s nice. I wanna wear it. And then I fit it with other stuff.” Like Fernandez, his style has evolved over time, but in a different sense. “In middle school, I used to wear stuff only in size small…but now…I’m not trying to look skinny anymore. I love my size.” On Picture Day, donning a PINK sweater, Adidas pants, and NMDs, Freeland described his style as “very different.” He said that his affinity for the conventionally-feminine brand PINK often garners attention from other students, but “it’s a look. I’m making trends. I don’t wear what everyone else wears.”

Junior Kwaniyah Tuffour exemplified her own description of her style on Picture Day with a pair of Vans, distressed jeans, and a cropped sweater from F21 – “laid-back, but also…I put in some effort. Like, I try not to do too much, but put in a little…spice.” She said that she mainly shops at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and the thrift store. “[Sometimes] I just put on whatever, but if I’m trying, then I take some time to coordinate my outfits.”

Some students are even more carefree. Freshman Kayden Macintosh said that he gets his clothing from “wherever [there are] clothes…typically [hand-me-downs] or [whatever] my mom got from the thrift store.”


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ERHS Students Show Their Style