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JNHS Club Teaches Students a New Culture

Ayanna Jones-Reid, Writer

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Japanese National Honors Society (JNHS), is a student-run organization in charge of a variety of activities including Japanese tutoring, Japanese Club, and hosting exchange students from Japan. Mr. Ogawa, the sponsor of the club, supervises student activities and brings students to Japan for cultural exchange.

“JNHS is the largest program of our kind on the East Coast. We help to foster the love of Japanese culture and language. I hope to give Japanese students a place to express their love to Japanese culture and language through JNHS. Their hard work towards the Japanese program at Eleanor Roosevelt has given me the encouragement to support them in any way I can”,  said Mr. Ogawa 

Since JNHS is a student-run organization, being a member comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication. Senior Alicia Jurado, the vice president of JNHS, shared her responsibilities with the Raider Review, “As the vice president I make sure we keep on track with events or other things we do, and make sure everything runs smoothly. I try to be involved with most of the things we do as well.”

Senior Dustin Ma, a member of JNHS, said that “you must tutor in sessions of Japanese tutoring and assist in Japanese Club. When there is an event, JNHS will all help in some way to make the event successful as possible.”

When asked what he likes most about the club, Ma was very enthusiastic. “The best thing about [JNHS] is the people. We all have a passion towards Japanese Culture and language so it’s great to communicate with people who all share that same passion. I enjoy working with them and spreading Japanese Culture through the events that we host.” 

Alicia Jurado added what she liked most about the club, “We get to learn about a whole other culture and show other people how great it is. We get to talk about it with people who have the same level of interest and passion for learning about it while helping spread awareness.” JNHS gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge on Japanese culture, while forming friendships in the process

For those who need help in Japanese, tutoring is held on Mondays in room 218. The Japanese club meeting are held on Wednesdays, so make sure to stop by!

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JNHS Club Teaches Students a New Culture