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Kenny Davis
Having developed a passion for reading and writing at a young age, junior Kenny Davis began her career as a Raider Review staff writer in fall of 2016, and is now one of the two Co-Editors-in-Chief. She soon discovered a love for journalism that offered her new opportunities of expression that she never experienced before. Kenny loves using journalism as a way to voice her opinion, while also informing and educating students on topics such as arts & entertainment, current issues, and more.

English class continues to be her favorite subject at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She particularly enjoys engaging in open-minded discussions that introduce new perspectives to interesting topics.

Besides writing, Kenny has also acquired a diverse taste in music that spans many decades, especially artists from the 1980’s. Her years of English class have inspired her to pursue a career in writing, and she hopes to attend college in New York City to study journalism and music production.

Kenny Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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