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Netflix Original On My Block Season 1 Review

Ethan Philpott, Arts & Entertainment Editor

April 24, 2018

On My Block, is a Netflix original comedy-drama about four teens transitioning to high school in South Los Angeles, a territory fought over by two gangs. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show 93% with audience scores saying 99% liked...

Everything I Never Told You: Book Review

Bessie Huang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

April 20, 2018

Celeste Ng's first novel, Everything I Never Told You, begins with what seems like an end: death. Lydia, the daughter of Marilyn and James Lee (a pairing as unconventional as its constituents are to 1970s Ohio), is found at...

A Make Or Break Album: Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 2 Review

Ethan Philpott, Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 27, 2018

I've been a huge fan of Lil Yachty since 2015. Songs like "Hella O's", "Minnesota", and the song that put Yachty on the map - "One Night", took Yachty from underground rap king to a mainstream success. His debut mixtape "Lil Boat",...

A New Norm: Is Viral, Still Viral?

Ethan Philpott, Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 1, 2018

On December 21st, 2012, “Gangnam Style” by Psy became the first video on the internet to reach one billion views. To let you know just how big of a milestone this was at the time, the most viewed video before it, “Baby” by ...

Book Review: Sad Girls

Bessie Huang, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 27, 2018

Sad Girls, Lang Leav’s debut fiction book, started off with a preamble that read like poetry – a gesture to her reputation as a poet. I bought the book because whenever a writer crosses genres and publishes work in a gen...

Book Review: The Hate U Give

Nyla Howell, Staff Writer

January 3, 2018

Angie Thomas's book "The Hate U Give" is an interesting and realistic perspective of the life of a black teenage girl going through real-world problems. The story is set in a low-income, majority black neighborhood called Garden Heights and features a 16-...

“Everyday is Christmas” Album Review

Kendolyn Davis, Staff Writer

December 22, 2017

This holiday season, famed pop singer Sia has given the world her latest contemporary Christmas album, brimming with hits that have made the holidays even more enjoyable. Full of original Christmas-themed tracks mostly written...

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