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2017-2018 Staff

Ayanna Jones-Reid

Staff Writer

Ayanna is a senior staff writer for The Raider Review.

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Ethan Philpott

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ethan Philpott is a senior and the Arts & Entertainment Editor.

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Londyn Mason

Opinion Editor

Londyn Mason is a senior and the opinion section editor.

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Angel Major

Student Life Editor

Angel Major is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She enjoys baking for her business Touched by Angel Bakery.  Her favorite subjects are English and History.

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Jordyn Lyles

Social Media & Business Manager

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Kobe Broadwater

Sports Editor

Kobe is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt high school and sports editor.  He enjoys Chick Fil A's fries and lemonade.

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Kendall Chappell

News Editor

Kendall Chappell is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt and the current News Editor of the Raider Review. She enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. In college, she would like to major in Environmental Science.

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Dayana Foster

Managing Editor

Dayana Foster is a junior and the Managing Editor.

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Bessie Huang

Junior Co-Editor-in-Chief

Writing has always been one of Bessie Huang’s most consistent interests, and when she discovered the Journalism Club her freshman year, she joined with delight. She has written a variety of articles for the newspaper, including...

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Zsyrii Ennis


@RaiderZsyrii Zsyrii is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and an aspiring doctor. In the last two years she has participated in a few extra-curricular activities such as track, debate, teen court, and cheerleading. I...

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