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The Raider Review

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Max Beavers, Staff Writer

May 10, 2016

Filed under A&E, Movies

After seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters, I walked away with one thought in mind: That could have been worse. Critics have been pretty hard on the film, seeming to criticize it for its darker tone and executi...

Sony to Drop Dr. Luke? (Follow Up: Free Kesha)

Max Beavers, Staff Writer

April 27, 2016

Filed under A&E, Music

After a wave of negative backlash following Kesha’s court case against her producer Dr. Luke, rumors have leaked recently stating Sony will drop Dr. Luke a year before his contract is to expire. When Sony reportedly sided with...

The Ultimate Storm

Jack Brittan-Powell, Opinion Editor

April 12, 2016

Filed under A&E

On Feb. 9, Bandai Namco Entertainment released the sixth installment and fourth main title in the acclaimed fighting game series Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which brought the video game series to a close as it en...

The 88th Academy Awards Sheds Light on Racial Disparities

Nicole Sauls, Social Media Manager

March 8, 2016

Filed under A&E

“The Oscars are on Sunday because the best way to end Black History Month is to have the whitest Oscars ever,” joked Ellen DeGeneres in reference to the 88th Academy Awards. After the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and ...

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